5 Reasons why Bubble Soccer is Better Than Other Sports


Bubble Soccer has less rules

There are 17 basic rules in Soccer. In comparison, Bubble Soccer has only one rule, you’ve got to wear a bubble to play. Pick up your bubble suit with the assurance that you’re not going to get a yellow card anytime soon.

Bubble Soccer requires more energy

If weight loss is your objective, look no further for Bubble Soccer is a great activity to lose the pounds. Running around with a Bubble Soccer Suit can certainly work up a sweat.

Bubble Soccer is mixed gender

Looking for an activity where both male and females can play? Bubble Soccer is a great mixed gender activity. No longer do the females have to stand at the sidelines and wait for their turn. Just don a suit and join the fun.

Bubble Soccer has less injuries

Bubble Soccer is a full contact sport, combining the best parts of rugby and soccer. Protected by a huge cushion of air, Bubble Soccer is much safer than most contact activities. Feel free to fall with a ball of air cushioning your not so perilous descent.

Bubble Soccer requires more skill

With a giant suit surrounding you, much balance and agility is needed to dribble the ball past your opponent’s defense. Teamwork becomes a lot more important since you need to rely on your teammates to get the ball into the goal.

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