Faith AG Bubble Soccer Event – 7th Aug 2015


Perspiration dripping, horns sounding, whistles going off, the thunderous clap of bubbles clashing, and smiles all around. What a day we had. We had almost 100 people down today at Offside from Faith Assembly of God and it was an absolute pleasure hosting their Bubble Soccer Competition. X number of games played in 6 hours and some of the fiercest gameplay we’ve ever seen; it was a joy to watch this venture truly taking it up a notch.

We saw colour coordinated teams, teams from NYP, SP, Home Team, parents teams, youths and many more within the church that came together to get down to the grind. There was even line dancing to entertain those who weren’t playing the games! I think as facilitators, it really value adds to our job when we see our clients having the best time that they can, really going at it and fully immersing themselves in it. More than that, we realise that that is their choice to make, how much they will put into the game, but when we see how we as facilitators have helped them come to that choice by the way we run things, the personal satisfaction is very real.

We see our bookings are becoming bigger and bigger, just like with Faith AG, and exciting times are ahead. At the end of the day, we’re so thankful that we have always been able to meet the demands of our work, location, time and capacity wise. Either way, this day will remain very special to us.


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