NUHS Bubble Soccer Event – 6th Aug 2015


Bubble soccer is a sport. It’s fun for the family too but however you argue it, you will pant, your heart will race and you will get one heck of a workout. Put on a bubble and I will call you a sportsman. And sportsman never give up. You get knocked down, you get back up; if things get tough, you rise above it. I would say that was the theme for today.

We had NUHS down today, easily 100 people came down and so did the thunderstorm. It came down so hard on the Golazo courts that we facilitators needed to shout just to be remotely heard. But dare I say we rose above it. We buckled and we pushed forward and thankfully, instructions were still clearly given, games played, safety checked and most importantly we had more than enough fun to go around. And the NUHS folks were the loveliest and most understanding people and hopefully they go back with the best of memories. Nurses knocking doctors down, eye surgeons (It was the Ophthalmology department if I’m not wrong) bashing clerks, and of all age groups as well. Sounds bad but smiles were all around and the bubble is a cushion from heaven.

All in all, rain or shine, we had an amazing time today.

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