The Guide To A Great Event Part 1 : Evaluating Your Audience

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A Great Bubble Soccer Event

It’s easy to gauge how an event is like by looking at the excitement level of the crowd. Whether its an event for 200 people or just 30 people, there are a few essential factors that can be tweaked to ensure a fun event for all. We’ll be looking at the first step to creating an extraordinary Bubble Soccer event.

Understanding your Audience : Demographics


Male vs Female Proportion

Before tailoring any event, it is crucial to understand who your guests are. This can be segmented into a few easy demographical aspects such as age and proportion of male versus female. With a smaller proportion of males, its important to make sure that the males are evenly distributed amongst the teams. However with a smaller proportional of females, it’ll be better to have games that requires more synergy and teamwork during your events. This will allow their female counterparts to feel like they had a more significant impact during the Bubble Soccer games.


With a younger participant base, it would be good to have more games that are more vigorous. How Bubble Soccer Singapore does this is to plan out icebreakers that involves plenty of running about. With older participants, its vice versa. Plan out Bubble Soccer games that are more strategic in nature with ample time for them to plan out a strategy.

Understanding your Audience : Purpose

The next step is determining the purpose of the Bubble Soccer event. Some events can have more than one specific objective, but I can’t stress enough the importance of focusing on one key objective. There are a few typical objectives that we commonly observe,

Team Building

When faced with Team Building events, we would recommend having more strategic games with multiple objectives that could lead to a victory. This is especially effective in team building as it trains the teams to think objectively and to prioritise certain key goals over others. It also creates a more dynamic atmosphere that allows participants to develop stronger bonds with each other through the planning and execution phases. Events such as these would often have prizes at the end to incentivise participants to win and more importantly, to mimic real working environments. Prizes reflects a risk/reward loop where you get rewarded if the risk pays off and this should be deeply ingrained in team building activities. We want team building to be fun and exciting for our participants.


Events are a great way to celebrate a victory or a significant milestone in everyone’s lives. With events such as these, it’ll be good to make sure that participants have sufficient food and beverages during the event. Hence, work with your caterer closely to ensure that participants are well-fed through-out the course of the day. Activities and Bubble Soccer games should be largely casual and should not be too exertive.


Gatherings are similar to games, however it’ll be good to plan out sufficient breaks for the participants during smaller gatherings so that participants can have the time to relax more.



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