We work closely with our clients to understand what they wish to achieve out of their Team Building exercises. Bubble Soccer Singapore is committed to provided an enjoyable time for each and every team building event we organise.


We have done Team Building exercises for companies such as PwC, Philip Morris as well as Citibank. We pride ourselves on delivering scintillating events for our customers. Discover a new form of team building today.


We work closely with Cohesion Singapore and our other valued partners to bring in activities that would make the event more enjoyable. We regularly host a combination of Laser Tag, Archery Tag and even Dodgeball.


We handpick our facilitators ensuring that your event is led by competent and fun-loving facilitators. Facilitators goes through multiple session of training to learn how to conduct the games being played.


With over 200 Team Building events under our belt, we are experts in helping clients add a unique touch to their usual team building sessions. No longer is Team Building the same old games you have been playing for the past 20 years. Our activities are modern and new and exposes your participants to fantastic avenues of fun.

Bond together, learn together and fight together in various activities that comprises of Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Bubble Soccer as well as Dodgeball. We have activities for all age-groups as well as skill levels.


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We would love to hear from you. Our Bubble Soccer staff works closely with to craft a scintillating event for you. Expect great fun and lots of laughs with you play different with the Bubble Soccer Singapore team.